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Meteorology 311 - Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology

HPC Surface Plot
Latest surface analysis from the Weather Prediction Center.

Class Description

This course will introduce students to synoptic meteorology and prepare them to obtain, analyze, and interpret weather data from surface, upper air, and satellite data to a degree sufficient to make reasonably accurate forecasts and assist others in their forecasting.


  • Mteor 301

Dave Flory

Meet the Instructor

Dave Flory
Teaching Professor
3101 Agronomy Hall
Phone: (515) 294-0264
Office Hours: By Appointment
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Class News & Updates

This Week in Class

General Circulation/Fronts/Jet Streaks

IDV Analysis Bundles

The new IDV bundles can be found by following 'Weather Links' in the left menu bar.

Weather News

Daily Weather Story

Click the image to see the most recent NWS weather story for central Iowa.

Important Dates

September 5: No class. University holiday.
October 11: Midterm Exam
November 21-25: Thanksgiving break
December 5: Senior Research Symposium
Tentative Final Exam Date: Thursday, December 15, 7:30-9:30 am.