Meteorology 341 - Fall 2020

Atmospheric Physics I

Instructor: Prof. Xiaoqing Wu, 3011 Agronomy,  294-9872 [tel]

Meeting time and place: MWF 8:50am-9:40am, G0541 Agronomy Hall

Office hours: MWF 10am - 11am (by emails or phone call)

Course Objectives

This course will cover atmospheric thermodynamics and hydrostatics, with emphasis on understanding the basic concepts and physical processes. Cloud physics will be briefly introduced in the last week of the semester and further discussion will be continued in Mteor 342. Building a solid foundation in physical principles and developing self-learning and thinking skills are the goals.

Course Design

Students are expected to come to class prepared to participate actively in the learning process. As in any professional organization, absences should be justified and promptness is standard procedure. Your homework should be done with pride and submitted on time. The policy for late assignments is stated below.






Course Outline

1. Introduction

2. Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

3. The First law

4. The Second law

5. Heterogeneous Systems

Midterm Exam

6. Moist Air

7. Hydrostatic Equilibrium

8. Hydrostatic Stability

9. Cloud Physics

Final Exam

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COVID-19 health and safety requirements

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