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Meteorology 407/507 - Mesoscale Dynamic Meteorology

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Latest surface analysis from Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.

Class Description

This course explores mesoscale and storm-scale phenomena with an emphasis on the dynamics of these phenomena, and numerical relationships applicable to them. Mesoscale observation networks and modeling are also examined.

Bill Gallus

Meet the Instructor

Bill Gallus
Professor of Meteorology
3025 Agronomy Hall
Phone: (515) 294-2270
Office Hours: W 1-3pm

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Important Dates

January 12: First 407/507 class
Jan 12-14: Instructor away -- Guest lecturer
January 21: 507 Class project topics due
February 11: 507 Project proposal due
February 25: 407&507 Exam 1
March 8: 1-2 page 507 Progress Report due
March 14-18: Spring break
March 29: 407&507 Exam 2
March 31-Apr 2: NWA Severe Storms Conference in DSM (class encouraged to attend)
April 3: Likely date of main semester exam
April 7: Instructor away -- Guest lecturer
April 14: Instructor away -- Guest lecturer
April 19: Instructor away -- Guest lecturer
April 21: 407 Exam 3 (no exam for 507 students)
April 22: 407 Questions due electronically
April 25: 507 Class project written report due
May 3 (9:45-10:45 am): 507 Class project presentations