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Meteorology 411 - Advanced Synoptic Meteorology

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Class Description

In this course, the general characteristics of mid-latitude synoptic weather systems will be explained and compared with the quasi-geostrophic theory of baroclinic development. A thorough understanding of synoptic-scale processes will be emphasized in daily weather briefings given by all students. Students should leave the course able to offer a ``reasonable" explanation for any larger-scale weather event that might occur.

Bill Gallus

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Bill Gallus
Professor of Meteorology
3025 Agronomy Hall
Phone: (515) 294-2270
Office Hours: W 1-3pm

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Important Dates

August 23: Classes start (Note: Aug 21 class cancelled)
August 25: Instructor away - class cancelled
August 28: Forecasting contest starts
September 4: Labor Day - University holiday - no class and no forecasting
October 18: Instructor at Unidata meeting - no class/forecasting
October 19: Mid-term exam
Final Exam Date: Monday, December 11, noon-2 pm