Global Change Meteorology/Agronomy/Environmental Studies 404/504 Questionnaire - Spring 1996

This survey was conducted by Ying-Shao Hsu as part of her Meteorology 504 research project.

Personal information

Opinions Relating to an Internet Course

Computing and Science Literacy

(Response scale:5:strongly agree4:agree3:undecided2:disagree1:strongly disagree)
Feel academically prepared for this course4.2129
Time required for computer in this course is excessive2.7229
The level of science in this course should be lower3.1729
Feet comfortable through course materials and requirements on the Internet4.2429

Information Retrieval

(Response scale:5:strongly agree4:agree3:undecided2:disagree1:strongly disagree)
Have received sufficient instruction on the use of the computers/Internet for this course3.8229
Reading and writing information on the Internet is more stressful than the traditional way2.7629
Internet-based information is more difficult to use in preparing for exams3.5929
Reading text from the book is easier than reading text on the Internet3.6929
Prefer being able to purchase copies of lecture materials rather than having them freely available on the Internet2.8629
The ability of the Internet to preserve color is important3.9328
The number of hour per week I spend on the Internet for this course3.21(hours)29
Having global change news or events on the Internet makes this course more interesting3.5929
The hypertext on the Internet is quicker to access information than textbook material3.6929
Won't explore the materials on remote databases if these materials are not in the scope of tests2.5229
Using a computer for this course annoys me2.6629

Understanding Course Material

(Response scale:5:strongly agree4:agree3:undecided2:disagree1:strongly disagree)
Internet-based information helps me learn more quickly3.0029
A textbook and handouts are easier for me to learn course material than Internet-based material3.2829
Internet-based design makes it more difficult to know the expectation of this course for students3.6929
Internet-based design is a good training for real-life application of this course3.97 29
Animated loops of images help me learn material better3.4529
Real-time information on global change helps me learn material better3.6629
Electronic dialog helps me understand material better3.2129
Having access to class assignments submitted by other students helps me understand material better4.0029

Overall Educational Objectives

(Response scale:5:strongly agree4:agree3:undecided2:disagree1:strongly disagree)
Use of the Internet contributes to:
My understanding of international issues4.0329
My understanding of foreign cultures3.5529
The development of new computer skills3.6629
Adapting pre-existing computing skills to new applications4.0029
My future application of technology in academic work4.4328

Personal Satisfaction

(Response scale:5:strongly agree4:agree3:undecided2:disagree1:strongly disagree)
The use of the Internet in the course makes me feel good4.0729
Recommend other instructors to consider the use of Internet for their courses3.9329
The frequency students access this homepage in the future
After this course is over2.2129
After I graduate from Iowa State University2.1526