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ISU Research Papers & Talks

    Crop Wind Energy Experiment (CWEX): Observations of Surface-Layer, Boundary Layer, and Mesoscale Interactions with a Wind Farm

    Daniel A. Rajewski,  Eugene S. Takle,  Julie K. Lundquist,  Steven Oncley,  John H. Prueger,  Thomas W. Horst,  Michael E. Rhodes,  Richard Pfeiffer,  Jerry L. Hatfield,  Kristopher K. Spoth,  &  Russell K. Doorenbos
    Paper (PDF)

    An experimental study of flow fields and wind loads on gable-roof building models in microburst-like wind

    Yan Zhang,  Partha Sarkar,  &  Hui Hu
    Paper (PDF)

    A WRF Ensemble for Improved Wind Speed Forecasts at Turbine Height

    Adam J. Deppe,  William A. Gallus Jr.,  &  Eugene S. Takle
    Paper (PDF)

    Dynamic wind loads and wake characteristics of a wind turbine model in an atmospheric boundary layer wind

    Hui Hu,  Zifeng Yang,  &  Partha Sarkar
    Paper (PDF)

    EPSCoR Wind Webinar

    Eugene S. Takle  - Iowa EPSCoR, ISU - April 1, 2013
    Webinar (Password: isu)

    CWEX-10/11: Overview of Meteorological Measurements in a Wind Farm

    Eugene S. Takle  - 4th Conf. on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy - January 9, 2013

    Wind Turbine Wake Investigation from Surface Measurements during the 2010 and 2011 Crop Wind-Energy EXperiments (CWEX-10/11)

    Daniel A. Rajewski  - 4th Conf. on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy - January 9, 2013

    Wind Power: An Attractive Source of Energy for Iowa and the U.S.

    Eugene S. Takle  - Agricultural Energy Curriculum - February 20, 2013
    Webinar (Start at 21:30)

    The Central Iowa Wind Energy Field Measurement Site: Recent Results and a Vision for the Future

    Eugene S. Takle  - Clyde Kohn Colloquium, Univ. of Iowa - November 11, 2011
    Presentation (PPT)

    Effect of Wind Turbines on Iowa Crop Production: Conceptual Framework and Preliminary Results

    Eugene S. Takle  - IWEA
    Presentation (PPT)

    Crop/Wind-energy EXperiment (CWEX): Results from CWEX10/11 and Vision for the Future

    Eugene S. Takle  - NWTC NREL - August 21, 2012
    Presentation (PPT)

    On the potential change in wind power over the US due to increases of atmospheric greenhouse gases

    Moti Segal,  Zaitao Pan,  Raymond W. Arritt,  &  Eugene S. Takle
    Paper (PDF)

    The impact of climate change on wind energy resources

    S.C. Pryor,  R.J. Barthelmie,  E.S. Takle,  &  T. Andersen
    Paper (PDF)

    Wind and wind energy in Iowa

    Eugene S. Takle,  &  John M. Brown
    Paper (PDF)

    Midwestern Wind Energy: Beyond 20% in 2030

    Webinars by multiple presenters  - Iowa State University - October 27-28, 2010

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