How to join a WFO chatroom:

  1. Pick a Jabber chat client.
    There are many chat clients to choose from since there is no official client developed or supported by the Jabber Software Foundation. They have, however, compiled a nice list of clients, including a few that they suggest. We are recommending Gaim as the perferred client on Windows or Linux because:
    As for Mac OS X, take a look at either iChat AV or Adium, both of which offer similar features to Gaim.

  2. Choose a Jabber server.
    There are many Jabber servers out there. Once again, a nice list of servers have been compiled by the XMPP Federation. A few things to note as far as servers we recommend: Don't see anywhere to register a user? Don't panic! Once you have picked out a server you would like to join, just go ahead and launch your Jabber client.

  3. Add account to chat client.
    Look for the button, menu item, etc. in the program that will let you add an account to your chat client. In Gaim, a box should automatically pop up that contains a button to add an account, which you should click on. At this point, if you want to use a Gmail account to connect to Jabber, look at Google's walkthroughs for configuring different clients. In the add account window, here are some standard fields you will see and might want to change: Now, if and only if you have not already registered on the server you have chosen, click the Register button. If you are already registered, click on the Save/Connect/OK/etc. button. Hopefully your chat client will have some way to indicate to you whether or not you're connected at this point.

  4. Connect to a chatroom.
    Different clients work different ways here. Some will make you add a chatroom link to your buddy list (Gaim) and others will just give you the option of connecting without saving any link to the room (Trillian Pro... don't ask). It is up to you to find the option to add/join a chat room. Once you find that, here are the details you need to know: That's it! If you're not automatically transported into the chat room, double-click the link your buddy list to the room. You should see wxrepeaterbotdev as one of the people in the room, and, if your chat client supports it, backlogged reports from the WFO.

  5. I've made some screenshots of steps 3 & 4 for clarification.

    If you're confused about any of this, send an email to or if you are able to connect to Jabber and have a question, send a message to