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Road Shapefiles

Last Updated: November 2014

These shapefiles are derived from the OpenStreetMap project, as compiled by GeoFrabrik. The state shapefiles are downloaded, clipped their state boundaries, and then merged into a massive central US roads shapefile. A 150mi radius around WSR-88D sites in the central US is used to clip out individual shapefiles for each radar site. Available shapefiles are shown on the map below. The shapefiles were downloaded from GeoFabrik in November 2014.

CloudMade Productions, the original shapefile source, is no longer used and I had to find a new provider of OSM data. Sometime between 2012 and 2014, CloudMade stopped providing this data.

*Caveat: The site-specific shapefiles can be very large, and will most certainly bog down low-end systems.

Please email me with any comments or issues.

Click a site on the map to download the site-specific shapefile.

Style File: OpenStreetMap style file
*Required for usage in GR software!


Other Shapefiles

City boundaries shapefile

Style File: City boundaries style file
*Required for usage in GR software!


GR Software Repository

A repository of custom color tables, icon sheets, and links to shapefiles/placefiles.

GR Repository


L2 Retrieve

A python script which downloads NEXRAD L2 files from ISU's IEM based upon an entered start/end date.

L2 Retrieve




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