With this site encountering increasing traffic, I need to recognise a few people who've contributed to my interest in this software. My primary motivator was John McLaughlin. Without his guidence when I interned with him, my interest (and this page) would probably not exist.

    Additionally, I need to thank Dr. Bill Gallus for giving me the opportunity to help my fellow classmates use the software. The original intent of this page was to share all of the bufkit-related resources I had personally collected with my classmates. I soon realized it could offer much help to anyone interested in the software, and so this site quickly blossomed to the national scale.

    I also want the thank the following people for their involvment and input for this site: Dave Flory, Daryl Herzmann, Andrew Ansorge, and Ross Bradshaw.

    To those who created, manage, and contribute to the software, thanks for all you've done. I enjoy using the software and will continue to do so for several years to come.

Updated 28 January 2008