Jeffrey D. Duda

B.S. Meteorology and Mathematics (May 2009)
Meteorology Graduate Student

Iowa State University

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MTEOR 454: Dynamic Meteorology

500 mb waves and Rossby wave theory


According to Rossby wave theory, smaller wave numbers are associated with increased wave speed and decreased amplitude. Analysis of the 500 millibar heights and flow in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the zonally averaged wind by latitude over the course of the time period from late August through early November 2008 will test this theory. Most of the results do not correlate well. It is believed that errors in the methodology and analysis give the impression that Rossby wave theory has failed, when in reality, it may be more difficult to verify than what is done in this study.

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MTEOR 227: Computational Meteorology

The following is an example of the modular use of FORTRAN90 to calculate and output to a file various parameters from a sounding file.

Main program body

Module text that the program uses

The sounding file used in the program

The text output from the program

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MTEOR 407: Mesoscale Meteorology

The following are links to a literature review regarding drylines and their role in initiating convection.

Drylines and Convection (PDF)

Drylines and Convection (PowerPoint)

ENGL 314: Technical Communication (Writing)

A beginners guide to understanding and interpreting Doppler weather radar

The above was written before I took any official radar meteorology course. Therefore, expect it to contain errors, some of which are subtle (inaccurate definitions or synonyms) while some may be more glaring. I no longer possess the original file used to make this, so I cannot change it now. However, it should still be very useful to beginners.

MATH 492: Undegraduate Mathematics Seminar

Poker Probabilities

All of the above regards undergraduate class work. All of the below regards graduate class work.

MTEOR 542: Physical Meteorology

Literature review/term paper: A Review on the Uses of Cloud-Resolving Models (PowerPoint)

MTEOR 571: History of Modern Meteorology

A History of Radar Meteorology (PowerPoint)

Historical Overview of Radar Meteorology

MTEOR 518: Microwave Remote Sensing

Microwave radiometry laboratory write up

CRP 551: Introduction to Geographic Information systems

A foray into the world of GIS and ArcMap. For the 500-level version of this course I was required to complete a project using ArcMap 9.3.1. I chose a weather topic, obviously.

An Analysis of NWS Warning Tendencies (poster)

An Analysis of NWS Warning Tendencies (PowerPoint)

MTEOR 605: Boundary Layer Meteorology

A modeling study of PBL height (paper)

A modeling study of PBL height (PowerPoint slides)

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