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You might be interested in seeing how students have responded to this kind of course. We have put on our site the summary of student responses to a questionnaire in Spring 1995, Spring 1996, and Spring 1997. We also have written a few articles on our experience with instruction on the Internet. These papers are listed below, and some are accessible over the net.

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The Global Change course has been a research laboratory for exploring a variety of learning strategies. Several of these studies have been published and are available on the web. From my homepage go to "Publications relating to web-based instruction" for an updated list of research papers.


We are seeking innovative collaborations with faculty from other universities for sharing course information or whole courses. For instance, if your university does not have a course like ours but your department would like to offer some such material, we are open to the possibility that we could collaborate to make ours available to your students. Your students could participate in the electronic dialog with ours and submit assignments like ours. Under this scenario, we would ask you to administer the midterm and final examination and return them to us. If there is sufficient interest (and potential student volume) we will explore the financial arrangements with our administration.

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