Global Change Alumni

Welcome home to the Global Change course website. We provide here some updated material on each topic since you completed the course. Feedback from alumni is very important for us and our current students, so you are encouraged to send your thoughts and recommendations relating to global change issues to

Global Change Topics

Block 1: Climate and Agents of Global Change

Unit #Topic
1-1 Overview of Global Change
1-2 Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere
1-3 Atmospheric Structure and Circulation
1-4 Atmospheric Composition, Carbon Dioxide
1-5 Carbon Cycle, Methane
1-6 Nitrogen Cycle, Sulfur Cycle; Tropospheric Ozone
1-7 Acid Deposition
1-8 Man-made Chemicals, CFCs
1-9 Ozone Reactions: Physics and Chemistry of the Stratosphere
1-10 Ocean Structure and Circulation
1-11 Global Hydrological Cycle
1-12 Global Energy Balance
1-13 Impact of Clouds on the Radiation Balance
1-14 Global Warming Potential

Block 2: Models and Measurements of Global Change

Unit #Topic
2-1 Climate System and Climate Predictability
2-2 Climate Models
2-3 Climate Model Results - Equilibrium Models
2-4 Enhanced Greenhouse Climate, Transient Climate Simulations
2-5 Regional Climate Models
2-6 Soil-Vegetation-Atmospheric Modeling
2-7 Paleoclimate; Ice Core and Lake Sediment Records
2-8 The Instrument Climate Record, Uncertainties
2-9 Trends in Climate Variables, Climate Variability, Global Warming Update
2-10 Climate Variability (El Niño, La Niña)
2-11 Satellite Observations of the Earth/Atmosphere/Ocean/Biosphere
2-12 Integrated Global Observing Systems
2-13 Earth System Science
2-14 Sea-Level Rise
2-15 Plant Physiological Effects of a Changing Environment

Block 3: Biosphere and Human Component of Global Change

Unit #Topic
3-1 Human Population Trends and Controlling Factors
3-2 Energy Consumption and Conservation
3-3 Global Change and Human Health
3-4 Biodiversity
3-5 Forests and Deforestation
3-6 Land Use Issues
3-7 Desertification
3-8 Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change
3-9 Impact of Global Change on Agriculture
3-10 Impact of Global Change on Water Resources and Water Use
3-11 Sustainable Development
3-12 Developments in China
3-13 Societal Responses to Regional Climate Change
3-14 Legislation and Policy