Global Change Learning Units Spring 2007

Block 1: Climate and Agents of Global Change (En Español)

DateUnit #TopicEspaŮolPortuguÍs
  1-1 Overview of Global Change
En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-2 Evolution of the Earth's Atmosphere En EspaŮol
Em PortuguÍs
  1-3 Atmospheric Structure and Circulation En EspaŮol
Em PortuguÍs
  1-4 Atmospheric Composition, Carbon Dioxide En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-5 Carbon Cycle, Methane En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-6 Nitrogen Cycle, Sulfur Cycle; Tropospheric Ozone En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-7 Acid Deposition En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-8 Man-made Chemicals, CFCs En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-9 Ozone Reactions: Physics and Chemistry of the Stratosphere En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-10 Ocean Structure and Circulation En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-11 Global Hydrological Cycle En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-12 Global Energy Balance En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-13 Impact of Clouds on the Radiation Balance En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs
  1-14 Global Warming Potential En EspaŮol Em PortuguÍs

Block 2: Models and Measurements of Global Change

DateUnit #Topic
  2-1 Climate System and Climate Predictability / En EspaŮol
  2-2 Climate Models
  2-3 Climate Model Results - Equilibrium Simulations
  2-4 Enhanced Greenhouse Climate, Transient Climate Simulations
  2-5 Regional Climate Models
  2-6 Soil-Vegetation-Atmospheric Modeling
  2-7 Paleoclimate; Ice Core and Lake Sediment Records
  2-8 The Instrument Climate Record, Uncertainties
  2-9 Trends in Climate Variables, Global Warming Update
  2-10 Climate Variability (El Niño, La Niña)
  2-11 Satellite Observations of the Earth/Atmosphere/Ocean/Biosphere
  2-12 Integrated Global Observing Systems
  2-13 Earth System Science
  2-14 Sea-Level Rise
  2-15 Plant Physiological Effects of a Changing Environment

Block 3: Biosphere and Human Component of Global Change

DateUnit #Topic
  3-1 Human Population Trends and Controlling Factors
  3-2 Energy Consumption, Conservation, and Future Options
  3-3 Global Change and Human Health
  3-4 Biodiversity
  3-5 Forests and Deforestation
  3-6 Land Use Issues
  3-7 Desertification
  3-8 Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change
  3-9 Impact of Global Change on Agriculture
  3-10 Impact of Global Change on Water Resources and Water Use
  3-11 Sustainable Development
  3-12 Developments in China
  3-13 Societal Responses to Regional Climate Change
  3-14 Legislation and Policy
  3-15Environmental Lessons from the Past
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