Storm Chasing - A Passionate Hobby

NOTE: even though I have moved on to the University of Oklahoma and have web space there, I will continue to add chase accounts to this site since it is already built up and I assume I will be allowed to keep this space for years to come. So keep checking back!

Lifetime Statistics (10 years' worth)


*I'm only including this one chase in 2007 on this page because it's the only one I did that year. The other years have their own pages.*

March 25 - BUSTED.

Targeted a cold front in southeast Minnesota (yeah, that far north in March???). Although temperatures were warm for the time of year (low 70s), dewpoints mixed out into the 40s and little convergence at the surface existed to initate much convection except for way northeast across the Mississippi River into Wisconsin. Mileage: Just below 400.

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