2009 Chase Season

2009 chase map
Season statistics:

2009 summary: Despite being an average to below average year for tornadoes and severe weather in general, 2009 has been quite successful for me, but I've had to work hard to obtain the successes that I've had.

The season started with two busts that occurred in Iowa in late April and early May, followed by two more busts in mid-late May. Unfortunately, I missed the Kirksville tornado, but if I could trade in some other tornado day this season to get that one, I wouldn't. In early June, I joined the TWISTEX project for a week and witnessed the June 5th Wyoming tornado and the monster hail supercell day in KS/NE/MO on June 7th. I managed to see some of the tornadoes produced by the Grand Island/Aurora supercell on June 17th, a chase in which a late-day gamble paid off. I then had several busts in the following days, followed by a weird, but somewhat successful, chase in north central Iowa on June 21st, but followed again by another bust on the 26th in South Dakota and Nebraska.

April 26
Bust header picture
May 7
Bust header picture
May 15
May 15 chase header picture
May 31
May 31 chase header picture
June 5
June 5 chase header picture
June 6
Bust header picture
June 7
June 7 chase header picture
June 9
June 9 chase header picture
June 17
#4 chase
June 17 chase header picture
June 18
Bust header picture
June 19
June 19 chase header picture
June 21
June 21 chase header picture
June 26
June 26 chase header picture
July 14
Bust header picture

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